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Who is the Fitter Woman?


Hear From Founder IFBB Pro Orlandina Balan, IIN Health Coach and Fitness Coach

The Fitter Woman lives within every one of us.  Our charge in this life is to nurture her development and growth. The Fitter Woman is not solely defined as a state of physical fitness; she is a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.
The Fitter Woman is one who has been made whole through her life’s journey.  She has been forged by life’s joys and pain, as well as by life’s successes and challenges. She has defined herself, her purpose, her wants, her needs and her desires.  The Fitter Woman has freed herself of the confines of what society has dictated to be the picture of perfection. Though she may be inspired by others, The Fitter Woman NEVER seeks to imitate or duplicate.  The Fitter Woman celebrates and embraces her own uniqueness.
Although she always seeks to improve, The Fitter Woman strives only to be a fitter, healthier and happier version of herself.  That is because The Fitter Woman is at peace with herself and her life choices.
– Be Fitter, Healthier and Happier