Breaking glass_20150506073111394_20150506074058820_20150506203509139_20150914230056979I began my fitness journey in the Fall of 2011.  It was a time where I underwent a series of stressful situations.   It was a time filled with doubts, uncertainties and unknowns.

I had two choices: succumb to feelings of defeat or deal and conquer the situation.  This was a pivotal moment in my life.   Initially, the gym was my retreat, I went there to relieve the stress and became so engrossed in my workouts that I could think  of nothing else but the motions involved in each exercise.

After some time the purpose of the gym changed.  It  became the vehicle which forced me look directly at my circumstances and face them head on.  As every muscle fiber became stronger,  I became stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. My fitness journey had become a journey of self-discovery.

Of course there have set backs along the way.  I sometimes flounder or lose my focus, cause myself to slow down or stall for a bit, but I never stop, I never quit.

With the love of my family and the support my friends I have been transformed into a stronger, fitter, determined, focused  and spiritually fierce  woman.   This beauty has become a  beast!

“When I felt secure, I said, ‘I will never be shaken’ ” – Psalm 30,verse 6

Orlandina Balan

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