A woman uses the quiet stillness of her winter months to prepare for her spring.


The ideas that were sparked by winter’s candlelight are now lit ablaze.


The storm clouds of negativity did not break her, they served only to nourish her spirit even further.


The trees of her garden of dreams are heavy with plump fruits of her labor. The invisible has now become tangible.

“Seasons of Her” Meet-up Group

We all experience changes and the transitions that occur as a result of those changes. We have to acknowledge and accept those changes or else we become stagnant and become stuck in a rut.

We can avoid stagnation by learning to identify what “season” we are currently transitioning through, understanding the purpose of that season, the changes associated with it,  and the means in which to address and overcome the unique challenges that each season presents.

The “Seasons of Her” meet up sessions will focus on one component of the season in question.  There will be dialogue and activities to help each woman delve deeper into the season and into themselves. My team will be on hand to guest each attendee thereby creating a more intimate and personal environment.  The goal is to assist in setting aside some time for self-discovery.

These sessions are a “Me-Zone Only”, so leave all significant others, children, pets and any other responsibilities at home.  Sessions will meet for 2 hours at various locations across the Long Island-Metro NYC area.  Date, times and locations will be released one month prior to meet up date.
Fee: $15 per session. Pay via PayPal:
Guest MUST  register here and pay in advance so that we can have the correct number of materials on hand.



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What season are you in?

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We all experience transitions or changes of seasons.  We have to acknowledge and accept those changes or else we become stagnant and become stuck in a rut. How?  By learning to identify what season we are currently transitioning through. Understanding the purpose of a season means that we will be better able to address the and overcome the unique challenges that each one presents.

As we continuously cycle through our seasons,we begin mastering various aspects of our lives; becoming more comfortable in our true selves.  Seasons and Transitions Women’s Workshop addresses the important components of women’s wellness; her emotional and spiritual health as these factors greatly impact her physical health and level of fitness.

The goal of this workshop 5 part series will be to gently guide you through your “seasons”.   With the support of professional wellness coaches, counselors and life-coaches we will assist you in the process of establishing a routine of setting time aside to allow for the process of self-discovery. During your time with us we will help you in the process of identifying your purpose, establishing (or re-establishing goals) and creating a plan so that you can begin to work towards them and, most importantly, help you to RE-DISCOVER you.