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Meal Plans Designed for People on the Go!

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You Are What You EAT!

Would you like to lose body fat? Look more toned? Do you find that you are starving at the end of the day?  or are experiencing those midday crashes and no amount of coffee, energy drinks or sugar helps to boost your energy levels.  Chances are you are not eating well.  Your body and energy levels reflect your eating habits (barring any medical conditions, of course).  The biggest componenent of the get fit equation is nutrition.

70% nutrition + 30% exercise = Well Body

We live in very busy times. Everyone wants to eat well but they either don’t have the time or they’re simply overwhelmed by the wealth of information that’s out there regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of nutrition.  The Fitter Woman will eliminate the confusion and make meal planning as easy as 1-2-3.  The best part is that the whole family can easily participate.  The better you eat, the better they will eat.

You will provide me with detailed information about your lifestyle and your fitness goals.  A balanced meal plan will then be designed based on the information you provide.  These plans are made to fit your busy lifestyle while helping you to meet your fitness goals. Along with a regular fitness routine, these healthy meals will help you shed excess body fat and nourish lean muscles.

In addition to seeing your physique and fitness levels improve; you will feel more energized and mentally alert. Making you more productive person at home, work and play.

The Fitter Woman meal plans are affordable, flexible and simple.  Great for busy people like you!