Seasons of Her – A Journey of Womanhood (includes Journal of Reflection)

Seasons of Her: A Journey of Womanhood (2nd Edition).  This edition includes a journal of reflection which will aid you in identifying your current season and to understand its purpose in helping you to shape your life.

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Seasons of Her is a guide that correlates the transformative process of a woman’s life journey to each of the 4 seasons. Her winter represents a time a deep reflection. Her spring, a time of renewed commitment to herself and life-long dreams that she may have put aside. Her summer, the time in which she actively works on realizing her dreams and her fall, the time in which she sees the materialization of her dreams. Each of her seasons will come with their own distinct activities and challenges. All will leave an indelible mark on her experience. However, in the process of rebuilding herself, a woman will learn who she truly is and her life’s purpose.

This edition of Seasons of Her also contains a journal of reflection.  It consists of reflection questions, activities and affirmations that are specific to each season. The use of this personal journal will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the season in which you are currently transitioning through and, as a result, a profound understanding of yourself.

Seasons of Her is offered both as a:

                Paperback ($8.50)

                 e-Book ($7.99)

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