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Let it Go!

We need not care not for dead things for their sole purpose is to bring forth life.

All relationships, whether it be a friendship, business partnership, a romantic relationship etc., have an expiration date. People are like trees. Some will be like evergreens, consistent, hearty and true. Some will be like deciduous trees, shedding their leaves in autumn, their true nature laying naked and bare for all to see. The diseased branches, root rot and decaying trunk no longer hidden by bright summer foliage.

Let go of dead relationships. Let go of dead situations.  Let go of the things that no longer allow you to grow and dims the light that shines within you. Let those trees fall where they may. Do not waste precious time, energy and space in the fertile soil of your heart and mind trying to care for dead things. Amazingly enough, those dead things serve to make your garden even more beautiful and more bountiful in future seasons.

Mother Nature is a wise woman indeed.