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Who’s On Your Team?

Who have you drafted onto your team? Who have you allowed into your close network of friends and family?  Have they proven themselves to be an asset or are they causing you to miss game winning plays? Bringing new players onto a team is no easy task.  The quality of the draft directly impacts the success of a team

We need to be keenly aware of the people we keep in our close circle.    They can either enlighten your spirit or poison it. Let your instincts (your inner voice) help you to discern those who need to be signed on , those people who need to be retained or those who need to be let go.  Those characteristics that you seek in quality team players will become apparent during your proverbial training camp. In other words, you will know who your true team players are during those moments you need them most.

True teammates see the strengths (and weaknesses) that you may not necessarily see within yourself.  They encourage you to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments.  However, they also help you to hone in and sharpen your weaker skill set.  They will NEVER berate you, belittle you or make you feel lesser than you are.

More importantly, if your teammates see you falling while driving towards your goal, they will be there to push you,  pull you and, if need be, carry you over the finish line as long they see that fire and hunger in your eyes. They celebrate your successes and mourn your setbacks alongside you.

Take your time when deciding who you will keep in your corner.  Ask yourself the following questions…. Will this person give me the courage to keep on fighting? Will this person carry me across the finish line when I feel that I have nothing left to give?  Will this person cry along side me and wipe my tears when I experience setbacks? Will this person (lovingly) kick my tail into gear when I fall into a losing streak?

I challenge you this week to take time out to evaluate who’s on your team.