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FITTER SUNDAY CHATS: The New Year’s Resolution

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves with our fingers crossed behind our backs in hopes of meeting them in some nebulous future. We establish our resolutions with good intentions and then life happens: a new job, a new position, rocky relationships, the boiler went, the kids need me, my parents need me etc. all realistic challenges that can derail us and stop us in our tracks.
We then find ourselves on this never ending circle of establishing a resolution, life happens, we get off track, we flounder (aka binge), we berate ourselves because we fell off then we recommit to our resolution. It becomes this vicious circle of promises we can never keep to ourselves.
After our conversation this evening here are some of the challenges faced by the members of our tribe:
  1. Making a plan that actually can lead us to our goals
  2. Being consistent
  3. Staying motivated
  4. Being overly focused on the numbers on the scale
  5. Maintaining will power during the week but falling off track on the weekends.

After some conversation the members of the tribe offered some great tips to help us stay focused as we move through the year.

  1. Make a decision to commit to you! Establish 3 solid reasons why you are making these resolutions
  2. Set a solid timeline for yourselves.  Ex. setting 3, 6, 9 and 12 month goals.
  3. Keeping the house stocked with good food choices.  Keeping the snacks out of the house.  Don’t use the kids or your significant other as a reason for having them in the house.  Get the family involved.  Eating well is a lifestyle not a diet.
  4. Don’t be hard on yourself.  Take one step at a time.  Setting daily goals such as drinking a set amount of water, adding one less teaspoon of sugar or putting a little less creamer in your morning coffee this week.  Baby steps eventually lead to great big leaps.
  5. Focus on your “non-scale victories” such as feeling good, looser fitting clothes or higher level of confidence.
  6. Joining a community such as The Fitter Woman and partner up with a fit buddy.  Communities and partnerships with like minded individuals create a sense of accountability, a family and support system to help you through your challenges and to remind you to celebrate the small monumental victories.

The Fitter Woman wishes you all a wonderfully prosperous new year,

 Be Bigger, Fitter, Stronger and Resolute in the Promise of You.
To learn more about keeping your resolution to self just listen to our podcast below!