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Luxurious Legs

Strength training greatly improves our physique, endurance, strength and our overall health.  I have created a weight training clinic series specifically designed for women. These clinics will teach all participants how to weight train safely, effectively and efficiently.   You will finally be able to see the results that you have been so desperately looking for!

Each session will focus on learning the proper form and techniques needed to train each muscle group.This session will focus on how to build strong, sculpted and shapely legs.   The clinics have been designed to consider ALL levels of fitness.

Your legs are the strongest part of your body. Not only does it carry your body weight, it also requires the most endurance. You use them often to: walk from place to place, climb up and down stairs, dance, drive, bend down to pick up a child, get up from a chair, get out of bed, play sports etc.
Legs represent the largest muscles in your body and as such you must train them with heavy weights. In turn, this type of training will increase your metabolism and increase your fat burning power. (Want to learn more about the benefits of training legs…click here)
Learn how to lift. Come join the MOVEment.
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Come learn HOW TO LIFT. Come join the MOVEment.

The Fitter Woman wishes you all a wonderfully prosperous new year,

 Be Bigger, Fitter, Stronger and Resolute in the Promise of You.
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