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Back to Basics

If you want to move forward you must be willing to go back to basics.

When you are first exposed to a situation you can only assimilate the major parts or the big idea. However, when you go back to basics,  you reassess what you learned in the past, keep the good points, dismiss the points that you learned incorrectly and take in the little details that you missed  the first time around.

Tearing my ACL last year was life’s way of telling me that it was time to go back to basics.


During my recovery I had to return to the basics when it came to movements or exercises involving leg extensions, hamstring curls (flexion), squats, lunges and moving along different planes of motion i.e. stepping out of the way of someone coming towards you.  I had to relearn (and still continue to) those movements that I once took for granted.  However, I now understand how the muscles work synergistically. I know what should be contracting and what should be relaxed. My leg training sessions have become more efficient and productive.

Tearing my ACL was a very powerful experience.  It also encouraged me to go back to basics in several areas in my life.  For example, in my studies as a martial arts student.  I study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Universal Defense System (a form of mixed martial arts designed by Sifu Ralph Mitchell which incorporates forms such as boxing, Filipino martial arts, open hand combat and more).  Though I couldn’t participate in class physically, I would still attend classes and watch. I learned so much and I couldn’t wait to get back on the mats to practice.  Eventually, I was allowed to return to the mats and slowly I began to rebuild.  Today, my practice is growing by leaps and bounds.  I went on to earn my first stripe after a few months back on the mats.  I am thoroughly enjoying my journey as a white belt!

During this time I had to revisit my writing, but most importantly, my purpose for writing.  Initially, I only focused writing motivational posts.   However, during my recovery time I discovered that my writing potential was much more than that.  I published my first book this year and I began writing and performing motivational poetry and spoken word. I am on a mission to share the importance of treating your body right, eating right and thinking right.  So, I will use all modalities of expression that are available to me to connect with others and spread the word.

Having to go back to basics is one the best places to be in your life.  It gives you an opportunity to question old beliefs, throw away those that no longer work for you and to make room for the little nuances that you missed the first time around or make room for new ideas altogether.

If you find that you are currently at a moment in your life where you need to return to basics, embrace it and allow it to affect other areas in your life. Take on the role of the eager student; excited to learn and not afraid to make mistakes.  At the end of the experience you will be BIGGER, FITTER and STRONGER physically, mentally and spiritually.