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The Great Comeback

“One step back can propel you forward. You just have to know how to come off the ropes.”

Often times failures  (or what we believe to be failures) are just opportunities for us to grow further, change our way of thinking and take a step in another direction. Once we’ve changed our train of thoughts and shifted our energies in another ditection; our minds open up.  We can now see other choices and opportunities available to us. We can move forwards towards our goal with clarity and focus.  We are no longer is not easily swayed or deterred by difficult times.Soon it will become easier and easier for us to side-step challenging situations. Because not only will we have learned how to use the ropes to stand our ground and fight.  We will have also learned how to use the ropes to propel us forward.

Share a time where what seemed as failure turned out to be an opportunity for growth, advancement or success.