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So you’ve set your goals. Now what??? It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed once you’ve set goals. Be patient with yourself and take one step at time towards your personal greatness.
Here are some tips to help keep you focused on your goals.
1.  Plan day and times of workouts. Program them into your phones or online calendars. These are your non-negotiable “Me Time”.
2. Plan your meals. Know what you will eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. Start with a 2 day prep then add one day at a time until you are prepping for the week.
3.  Focus. Clear and empower your mind by listening or reading daily affirmations or start your day with meditation or prayer. It will set the tone for the rest of you’re day.
4. Partner up with your own personal hype-man. Have a friend remind you of how great you are especially on the days you’re not feeling so great.