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Every Road Block Is A Stepping Stone

Contrary to popular beliefs roadblocks or challenges, though they are not pleasant, are meant to build you.  They help you to gain a different perspective of a situation.  We can sometimes get lost in the emotion of an event and completely forget to ask ourselves “Okay, what just happened? Why did it happen?  How can I adjust so that it doesn’t happen again?”  In other words, creating a plan of action so that the situation doesn’t reoccur.

Often times people like to think of themselves as a victim of a situation.


They almost romanticize the notion of being a victim.  YOU ARE NOT! You are NEVER a victim, you are always a DECISION MAKER.  You make choices that expose you to a situation and you can make choices that will help you to overcome a situation.  You can also make choices that will  cause you dwell and linger in a situation.  In all cases, YOU HAVE CHOICE.

No longer allow roadblocks to crush or make a victim of you.  Instead, transform the challenge into a stepping stone.  The moment you pull yourself out of the emotion of a situation, you will be able gain a better perspective of the details of circumstances. You will also be able to reconnect with your goals on the horizon and remind yourself of your ultimate purpose and mission in this life.


Show me roadblock and I will show you a stepping stone!