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Glorious Defeat

“What a beautiful day to die in battle.” There IS something glorious to be found in moments of defeat.  We’ve all heard this dramatic cinematic quote said in the emotionally charged moments leading up to an epic battle. I am currently studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Sensei Nardu Debrah.  One evening he was demonstrating a technique and some of us were getting frustrated because we were not getting it quickly. My Sensei laughed and explained that the mat was perfect place to expose the areas/ techniques that you needed to work. “Be happy when you have met defeat. Especially when it is at the hands of a formidable opponent.  It will only make you a better fighter”.  I could relate I had just competed at the NY Pro and had not placed well. However, not for one moment  did I feel a sense of failure.  I had been defeated by some formidable women and was able to see what areas  needed further development.  I was also able to acknowledge and be proud of the areas I had improved upon from the previous season.   Although we were competitive on stage, once we were backstage this sisterhood of athletes exchanged treats, hugs and congratulations.