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21 Days of Excellence

Welcome to a new year of learning new life lessons, overcoming challenges, sharing your gifts and receiving blessings in return. We are about 2 months in and many of you have already started tackling your New Year’s resolutions.  To get fit, to eat healthier, to stop smoking, to release stale relationships, to make room for new relationships etc.  Some of you may have begun to lose some steam.  “I have to go to the gym…again!”; “How often will I have to eat chicken breast”? Some of you have even begun to fall of the wagon completely.  “Just one slice of cake or one cigarette won’t hurt and I promise that I will get back on the wagon tomorrow.  I PROMISE!”

How you begin the new year usually sets the tone for the remainder of the year.  Sometimes we begin to wane in our efforts and let our desires to reach our goals fall by the wayside.  My recommendation…press the restart button!   On February 21st we will all decide rededicate the new year to ourselves by pledging to work in excellence for 21 days.  What does it mean to work in excellence? When something is done in excellence it means that it is done with patience, love and perfection.  The result is always something of a superior quality.  Any task, no matter how big or small, can be done in excellence.

Over the course of 21 days you will select one simple task that you will complete to perfection.  You can choose a task as simple such as fixing your bed, washing the dishes, fixing a linen closet, organizing your dresser or desk.  For example, you can choose an activity such as a working out.  Choose ONE exercise from your workout that you will do with perfect form. Slow down the movement and tempo so that you can control the motion and/or the weight. Pay careful attention to the muscle group you are focusing on.  Another example would be an activity such as eating.  Sit at a table without the distraction of the TV/cell phone. Take your time to chew each morsel.  Pay attention to each bite and the nourishment your meal is providing for your body.

Beginning on February 21st you will be able to follow me on Twitter @thefitterwoman to share one task that you did in excellence daily. #21daysofexcellence@thefitterwoman


No task is too big or too small.  Anything can be done with excellence.