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Harvest Season


I love the warm weather months; It’s as I’ve come alive. The bright colors, the green grass, the warm ocean,the sunny beaches and summer rains. Life is basically lived outdoors.

When fall approaches, I usually become a little sad at the thought of the impending winter months. The cool dark mornings, coaxing me deeper under the covers. Quite unlike the warm and sunny mornings that inspire me to start my day as soon as the sun’s rays stream through my bedroom windows. As far as I am concerned, cold grey skies, barren trees, damp days, and cold nights don’t promise too many pleasantries.  The only things I look forward to are the holidays and snowboarding (or at least my attempts at snowboarding).

This year, I oddly find myself actually looking forward to the fall. The change of heart is due to what Oprah would describe as an “Ah-ha Moment”. I happened to notice that the leaves were starting to change colors while I was driving around with one of my sisters.  I began my yearly diatribe about the senselessness of autumn and winter. Then, as if jolted by bolt of lightning, their purpose suddenly became clear. It was as if the universe decided that I was finally ready to learn one of Mother Nature’s secrets.  It spoke to my heart….Each season has a purpose.  Autumn signifies a time of harvest, a time to reap the benefits of your efforts. Winter, on the other hand, signifies a time of rest and contemplation. Both seasons are just as important and as necessary as the warmer months.

I decided to delve a little deeper.  Let’s examine autumn from an agricultural perspective. The fall is a time when one sees the fruits of the crops which they labored over during the warmer months. It is a time when one sees the rewards for planning and preparing for times of scarcity. We can apply the concept of the harvest time to our own lives. Our lives cycle through the seasons just as mother nature does. We experience times of plenty and joy (autumn), as well as times of scarcity and challenges (winter). We experience times of renewed faith, dedication and hope (spring) as well as times of preparation and hard work (summer).

This year I look to the fall as my harvest season. I will reap the benefits of my hard work and dedication. Please don’t mistake it for a passive season. There is still work to be done during your harvest season. You have to harvest your crop; examine the outcomes of your ideas or plans.  Then you need to inspect them; which of your ideas bore fruit? Which did not? Finally, you need to prepare the fields for future crops; which project will you continue to work on? Which projects need to be revamped or scrapped?

When all of the work is done, when you’ve look at your stores overflowing with fruits of your efforts, you will gratifyingly wipe your brow and say …”What a bountiful harvest “.

Happy Harvest


Be Fitter, Stronger and Happier

Orlandina Balan, Owner