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The Purpose of The Fitter Woman

The Purpose of the Fitter Woman

We live in a time when many Americans are overworked, over-stressed, and in many cases, overweight.   One must be dedicated, disciplined and purposely focused on achieving a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Women tend to be the center of their households, whether or not a partner is present. As such, they tend to focus on family and/or work first, and themselves second (when they get around to it).   However, there needs to be a balance between taking care of family and taking care of self.  It’s just like the oxygen mask drill on airline flights: you have to put yours on first before you can help others.   The idea being that you cannot very well help others if you’ve passed out due to lack of oxygen.

The same theory applies to our everyday lives. You cannot effectively help others if your reservoirs are depleted or empty.  This is not a matter of being selfish or narcissistic; it is a matter taking care of yourself so that you are better able to help others. The oxygen mask theory applies to all women in every stage of life from young adult to the mature woman.

The goal of the Fitter Woman is to motivate, educate, and empower women to take care of themselves first. The purpose of this site is to help women achieve their goal of developing holistic and balanced approaches to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. The site  will provide information such as:

  • How to develop and  maintain good eating habits
  • Demonstrating and explaining the benefits of various types of exercise
  • Informing women of the different methods for building and nurturing a positive and strong sense of self.

This site will also serve as a forum to hold discussions and share information pertaining to health, fitness, and spiritual and emotional wellness as it pertains to women.

Welcome to the journey of becoming FITTER WOMAN.